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Leading the way into oncology’s
next frontier

Merck has been inventing for life and shifting treatment paradigms one tumour type at a time.

Bridging the gaps with quality data

Throughout our rigorous scientific process, our researchers’ use of data and science-based approaches enhance decision-making for maximal impact in early discovery and preclinical development. While we are tirelessly working to accelerate every step of the journey from bench to bedside, we would never compromise the quality of our work. After all, there are no shortcuts to developing medicines that can be life changing.


Surgeons wouldn’t go in blind, so why should cancer treaters? By understanding the unique molecular profile of a patient’s cancer, biomarkers can help us improve outcomes and treat patients by matching them to the right targeted therapies.

Decoding the molecular profile of a patient’s cancer can also help us to better recognize and classify cancers and understand patient prognosis.

Our research and development process


Studying diseases

We follow cutting-edge science to analyze diseases from every angle to accelerate the pace of drug discovery–from genes to the way hundreds of molecules interact in the body. Our scientists are automating processes and using advanced technologies to help design new medicines at a faster pace.


Refining the science

Across the biopharmaceutical industry, it takes many scientists and years to design, produce, and test thousands of new molecules to find the one or two that may be tested in a clinical trial setting. Each discovery is carefully inspected and optimized before it can be tested in humans. 

Our scientists are in the labs working to identify biomarkers that can be used in the clinic setting to provide insights about how well a drug works. 


Analyzing the evidence

Our researchers are always collaborating with each other and the medical community to generate evidence to determine whether a medicine has the potential to benefit patients.


Optimizing treatments

We believe that real-world evidence, or data gathered from healthcare professionals and patients in everyday clinic settings help complement our rigorous clinical trial program. We take insights from real-world clinical practice back to our research labs to better understand our existing medicines, guide us to improve current treatments, and inspire new therapies.


clinical trials across a wide variety of cancers

We’re tackling some of the world’s biggest health challenges

Helping Canadians navigate cancer care

Patients come first. That is why we’re committed to partnering with the entire healthcare community to improve access to care and connect Canadians living with cancer with the educational tools and resources they need along their journey.