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Powering out-of-the-box-thinking to help save and improve lives

We’re bringing forward innovative solutions to help solve some of the world’s most challenging diseases. Whether it’s using next-generation AI-powered algorithms to complement our science or working with the medical community and industry leaders to leverage real-world insights, we are leaving no stone unturned to pave the way forward.

We believe discoveries are within reach

Based on data from 2015 to 2017, the predicted five-year net survival for all cancers combined was estimated at 64%, and we’re committed to doing better. Our current oncology portfolio is based on a robust research program. 

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invested in R&D in 2021


clinical trials across a wide variety of cancers


people employed in research and development

Leading innovative therapies for 130+ years

We have a longstanding history of addressing some of the world’s most challenging diseases, and cancer is no different. With our expansive investigational program, we are leveraging real-world data and doing research to change the course of cancer.

Paving the way for more breakthroughs

Fearlessly leading “firsts” across a variety of cancer types and treatment settings to be a trailblazer in oncology.

We see beyond the limits

We are committed to research in oncology with one of the largest development programs in the industry. Currently, we are investigating multiple molecules in both clinical and preclinical settings.

There is no place we won’t go to tackle one of the world’s biggest health challenges.

Together, let’s change the face of cancer

We know changing the course of cancer can’t happen in a vacuum and that the next breakthrough can come from just about anywhere. That is why we follow the science and partner with the entire oncology community, so we can be ahead of the curve.