A Day to Celebrate: Cancer Survivors

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What is National Cancer Survivors Day?

National Cancer Survivors Day is an annual celebration recognized around the world to celebrate cancer survivorship. This special day is a time to recognize the many people living with cancer including those who have been recently diagnosed, those in remission, and the family and friends who support them along the way. 

This celebration of life happens on the first Sunday in June. This year, the day of recognition will take place on June 4, 2023.   

We also take this occasion to honor the dedicated health care teams who support Canadians in their cancer care journeys, as well as the important role patient support and advocacy groups play in providing Canadians with resources, support, and access to community.

“Through my cancer journey I have built a strong community; one I am very grateful for and has helped me get through difficult times. I make every effort to give back to the community and do what I can to support others as they navigate their own journeys.” – Shannon Gaudette, Cancer Survivor.

Shannon, was first diagnosed with early-stage melanoma in 2005, stage III in 2010 and stage IV in 2011. Watch the video to learn more about her journey with cancer.

How does cancer affect Canadians? 

Cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada.1 Experts expect over 40% of Canadians to develop cancer in their lifetimes, and 25% (1 in 4) are expected to die from the disease.2

Each patient journey is different, and outcomes are not the same for everyone. This is why continued advancements in research and innovation are important, which can help contribute to better patient outcomes.

Merck’s Commitment to Oncology  

National Cancer Survivors Day is an important day for all of us at Merck Canada, and our commitment to Canadians living with cancer is unwavering. Through our ongoing research, medical innovation and partnerships with members of the oncology community, we aim to help Canadians diagnosed with cancer live longer and better lives.

“National Cancer Survivors Day is an important moment for the oncology community, and today, we celebrate the survivors, their families, and the care teams who support them throughout their journey. This day also highlights the progress in survivorship and the need to continue pushing forward to help improve the lives of Canadians living with cancer.” – Andre Galarneau, Executive Director & Vice President, Oncology Business Unit at Merck Canada.


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