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Resources for Requestors

First time using the sponsorship request system? Not sure if your organizations or activity qualifies for funding? These resources will help you along as you create your sponsorship request.

Merck does not provide support to the following:

  • Any individual
  • An organization owned by a single HCP or individual
  • Political organizations, campaigns, and activities
  • Fraternal/labor/veteran organizations and activities
  • Religious organizations or groups whose activities are primarily sectarian in purpose (programs open to the community or providing a community benefit may qualify for support)
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, age, national origin, veteran's status or disability or any other grounds of illicit discrimination

Merck does not provide support to:

  • Induce prescription, recommend, supply, administer, or consume our products for the purpose of offsetting routine or normal business expenses
  • Cover capital expenses such as new construction or the renovation of existing facilities.
  • Fund services already covered and reimbursed by provincial or federal health care systems or private insurers
  • To support direct medical care, including the purchase of medications, devices, or biologics

You will need the following information
to complete your request:

  • Description of your activity/event including date, venue, location, etc.
  • Draft agenda for events
  • Detailed budget breakdown

Tools to help you in your Sponsorship Funding Request